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Safety Signs

A safety sign is a visual indicator designed to warn workers and visitors of potential hazards or dangers in a specific environment or situation. It can convey a range of information, including warnings about hazardous materials, reminders of safety protocols, instructions for emergency procedures, or guidance on safe behaviour.

Our Safety Sign Material

Safety signs from eSafety Supplies are made from a type of thermoplastic polymer called polypropylene, also known as plastic signs. Our plastic signs are lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant material that is commonly used in a variety of applications, including packaging, textiles, and signage.

Our Safety poly signs have several advantages over other sign materials, including:

Durability: Polypropylene signs are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Lightweight: Polypropylene signs are much lighter than other materials like metal or wood, making them easy to transport, install, and move around.

Cost-effective: Polypropylene signs are relatively inexpensive compared to other materials, making them a cost-effective option for businesses and organizations.

Versatility: Polypropylene signs are easily printed on using various methods such as screen printing, digital printing, or vinyl lettering, allowing for customization and versatility in design.

The Importance of Safety Signs

Safety signs play an important role in promoting workplace safety. It helps preventing accidents, and protecting individuals from harm. They are essential in the workplace to alert workers to potential hazards, promote safe behaviour, meet legal requirements, improve communication, and enhance emergency preparedness. A clear and visible sign can help prevent accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. They are also commonly used in industrial settings, construction sites, hospitals, public spaces, and other locations where safety hazards may be present.

Types of Safety Signs

Designers make the safety signs to be highly visible and easy to understand. They are universally recognized symbols, colours, and formats. These are easily recognizable across different languages and cultures. Common types include:


Prohibition Signs

Indicate actions that are prohibited in a particular area, such as no smoking, no entry, or no parking signs.

Warning Signs

Alert people to potential hazards or dangers, such as electrical hazards, flammable materials, or biohazard warnings. They often feature a yellow background with a black border. They can include symbols such as an exclamation mark or a hazard triangle.

Danger Signs

These signs warn people of immediate danger that is possibly life-threatening. Examples of danger signs include high voltage signs, flammable material signs, and toxic substance signs.

Mandatory Signs

Indicate actions that are required, such as wearing protective gear, following specific procedures, or using specific equipment.

Emergency Signs

Indicate emergency exits, first aid stations, or emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers or eye wash stations.

Fire Signs

Indicate fire exits, fire assembly points, fire alarm call points, and fire extinguisher locations. These signs are essential in buildings, warehouses, and other places where fire safety is a concern.

Informational Signs

Provide information about the location of facilities, such as restrooms. Also give instructions on how to use equipment or facilities.

Traffic Signs

Control and direct the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, such as stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs.


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