Our Tactile Indicator range are designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces to assist in the orientation of people who are vision impaired and to give tactile warning to safely navigate around in a built environment – detectable underfoot or by cane.

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1. What are tactile indicators?

Tactile indicators are physical cues installed on walking surfaces, typically in public spaces, to assist individuals with visual impairments. They provide tactile and visual information about the environment, such as changes in elevation, upcoming hazards, or the presence of pedestrian crossings.

2. How are tactile indicators used?

Tactile indicators are essential for creating a safer and more accessible environment for individuals with visual impairments. They are commonly installed in various locations, including pedestrian crossings, train platforms, bus stops, stairs, ramps, and other areas where changes in the walking surface or potential hazards exist.

3. What tactile indicators do you have?

We stock installation templates, plates, peel and stick tactile indicators. We also have fibreglass, stainless steel, poly and brass indicators for hazards and direction.