Stair Nosing products are designed to elevate the safety and aesthetics of your stairs and flooring.

At eSafety Supplies, we understand the importance of secure and slip-resistant stairways, both in residential and commercial settings. Our wide range of high-quality stair nosings products provide the perfect solution to prevent accidents and create a safer home or workplace.

Crafted from durable materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, or PVC, our nosings offer excellent traction and grip, even in high-traffic areas. With different profiles, colours, and finishes available, you can choose the perfect stair nosing that not only enhances safety but also complements the aesthetics of your space.

Installation is easy with our user-friendly stair nosing floor safety products. Designed to fit a variety of stair designs and dimensions, they can be easily attached using adhesive or mechanical fasteners. Our products are built to withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain their performance even under challenging conditions.

Building codes often mandate specific dimensions and requirements for stair nosing, especially regarding visibility and slip resistance. These codes vary by region, so it’s essential to check local building regulations.

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We have a large range of stair nosing solutions for all application.

Stair nosing is a specialised material or moulding designed to improve safety, protect the edges of stairs, and enhance visibility. It’s often a protruding edge placed at the front of each step to prevent slips and falls and to provide a finished look.

Stair nosing serves multiple essential functions. Primarily, it ensures safety by offering improved traction and visibility on stairs, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, it acts as a protective barrier, safeguarding the edges of steps from the impacts of regular use, thereby extending the lifespan of the staircase. Moreover, beyond its safety and protective roles, stair nosing contributes to the overall aesthetics of the staircase, enhancing its appearance and providing a polished, finished look to the entire structure.

eSafety Supplies offers a wide range of different profiles to suit almost every application. The ESN range is most commonly used in Shopping Centres, Offices, Unit Blocks or even high trafficable areas such as Railway Stations and complies with the Australian Standards and Building Codes.


Why choose eSafety stair nosings?

The main purpose of a nosing is to enhance staircase safety. By slightly extending beyond the edge of the tread, it provides extra space for foot placement, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents for users.

We take pride in delivering top-tier products that not only prioritise safety but also boast long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. Our stair nosings are designed to resist wear, abrasion, and fading, ensuring both their effectiveness and appearance for years to come.

So, if you are looking for a heavy duty, extremely durable and tough anti-slip stair nosing then look no further. This product is manufactured to meet and exceed the Australian standards and building codes.

This quality product can benefit you in a number of ways, like:

  • Provide a non-slip surface
  • Enhance visibility
  • Cover sharp edges for stairs
  • Provides strong slip resistance
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Enhances the aesthetic value of stairs
  • Extremely durable

Is stair nosing with an anti-slip surface better?

A non-slip surface is essential to minimise or prevent workplace injuries. They serve as an effective safety measure to make staircases anti-slip.

Anti-slip Stair Nosing is a crucial addition to prevent slips and accidental falls, especially on slick home stairs. These rubber nosing strips are designed with treads that significantly enhance traction on staircases. They offer a variety of textures, allowing you to choose the one that ensures comfortable walking.

Given the frequent use of home stairs and their tendency to collect dirt, it’s wise to cover them with nosings. Installing this product not only extends the life of your stairs but also reduces the likelihood of scratches while maintaining a focus on safety.

When deciding on the right product for you, consider the following factors:

  • Durability: Select a material that can withstand the traffic and environmental conditions.
  • Style: Choose a design and colour that complements your staircase and the overall decor.
  • Safety: Look for a nosing with a non-slip surface for enhanced safety.

What types of star nosing do you sell?

Stair nosing can be made from various materials, including aluminium, rubber, vinyl, wood, or composite materials. Each material offers different levels of durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

Our stair nosing products can be used indoors and outdoors. We deliver Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast & more.

We stock a range of grip and anti-slip flooring solutions for all types of applications. Some of our options include:

  • Stair nosing (tile, rubber, timber and vinyl)
  • Stair nosing trims
  • Stair nosing strips
  • Aluminium with Insert
  • Anti-slip Tape
  • Anodised
  • Custom nosing for stairs
  • Other stair nosing types

We also offer custom solutions for stair nosing to fit specific dimensions or style preferences. Customisation involves selecting materials, colours, dimensions, and profiles. Speak to our staff about your needs to get the right advice.

How do I install stair nosing?

Installation methods vary based on the material and design of the nosing. Typically, installation involves adhesive, screws, or a combination of both. It’s advisable to follow manufacturer guidelines or seek professional help for proper installation.

Regular cleaning and inspection to ensure the surface remains non-slip and in good condition are essential. Use appropriate cleaning methods recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the quality and safety of the nosing.


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