Height protection equipments like height bars and stickers are crucial in car park.

Height bars are a type of car park protection equipment that restricts the height of vehicles entering a particular area. They are typically installed at the entrance of a car park, garage, or other restricted areas to prevent oversized vehicles from entering.

Height clearance bars serve as an effective way to protect car parks from damage caused by oversize vehicles. Such as buses, trucks, or RVs, which may be too tall to fit through the entrance. They can prevent costly damage to overhead structures, such as ceilings or lighting fixtures. And, also reduce the risk of accidents caused by oversized vehicles attempting to enter restricted areas.

Height bars can also enhance car park safety by preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas, such as staff-only zones or loading docks. They are also used to enforce height restrictions in areas with low clearance. Such as parking garages or underground car parks.

Overall, height bars are an essential safety feature that can protect car parks from damage caused by oversized vehicles, enhance safety. As a result, it restricts unauthorized access to restricted areas. They are a cost-effective solution to ensure the safety and accessibility of car parks and restricted areas.

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1. What is height protection?

Height protection equipment is an effective measure that protects structure damage from oversized vehicles.

2. What height protection products do you sell?

We sell a range of height protection products, including height bar accessories, height clearance bars and height clearance signs.

3. Where is height protection equipment used?

This equipment is used to enforce height restrictions in areas with low clearance. This includes parking garages, underground car parks and driveways.