The perfect solution to stop unauthorised parking and secure your parking spots.

Parking bollards are designed to protect your property from trespassers and unauthorised parking. Our parking bollards serve as an essential addition for any commercial and residential setting to help enhance security.

Strategically placed, parking bollards provide reliable protection for people and property, making them ideal for events, concerts, construction sites, and more. Moreover, they assist in pedestrian safety, effectively delineating traffic flow for both vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring the safety of everyone.

In emergencies, bollards can act as a barrier to prevent vehicles from veering off course and protect bystanders. The convenience of fold down, collapsible or removable bollards allows easy passage or temporary vehicle access. Simply raise and secure them with a key, remote, or bollard padlock – we have options to suit your preference.

For personalised space identification, stickers and other accessories are also available. Bollard stickers are ideal for reserving designated parking spaces, preventing unauthorised entry but also serving as a protective shield and reminder who owns the space. Share the padlock code or duplicate keys with authorised individuals, creating an impassable deterrent for other vehicles.

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Parking Bollard Products

With the largest selection of bollards in Australia, suitable for concrete and asphalt surfaces, we have the perfect solution for your carpark protection needs. Our extensive range of parking protection essentials is constructed with heavy-duty materials, ensuring long-term durability. eSafety Supplies is your trusted source for all your bollard needs, offering delivery across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Canberra


1. How to install a parking bollard post?

Installing a fixed parking bollard is not as tough as it may appear initially. When installing them, you should consider the type of bollard you want, the size of the hole you will need to dig, and the location of your property.

Always refer to the specific manufacturer’s instructions or guidelines provided with the parking bollard post for the most accurate and suitable installation process.

2. Are your parking bollards weatherproof?

Yes, our parking bollards are made from durable materials that are made for all weather conditions. They are coated with premium weatherproof coatings. It is made to withstand the threat of rust and corrosion, providing safety in all climates.

3. What are parking bollards?

Parking bollards are sturdy posts placed in parking lots or spaces to manage and control vehicle access, protect areas, and enhance safety. They serve various purposes, including security and protection, traffic control and reserving designated spaces.

4. Where are parking bollards used?

Parking bollards are commonly used in parking lots, including underground and open-air parking spaces. They can also be used in alley spaces, on roads and in loading docks to deter parking.

5. What parking bollards do you offer?

eSafety Supplies has a variety of parking bollards on offer. These range in size, colours and functionality. Some have lockable positions, while others offer a fold-down, spring, removable or collapsible use. For personalised space identification, stickers and other accessories are also available.

Bollards Delivered Australia-wide

eSafety Supplies is your one-stop shop for all your bollard needs, and the best part is we offer delivery to Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Adelaide, Gold Coast (QLD), Brisbane, Canberra, and every city within Australia. Place your order with us today for the best bollards on the market, only at eSafety Supplies.

We have the largest bollard range available in Australia. Suitable for concrete and asphalt surfaces. Got any questions? Contact one of our friendly staff on 1300 291 700 or email us at [email protected].