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Parking Bollards

Tired of people parking in your space?  We have just the thing to stop it!

Protect your space from trespassers and unconsented parking. Parking bollards, true to the name, are designed to secure parking spots. These bollards can be folded down, allowing you to pass through it. The bollards fold down, allowing you to drive your vehicle over the top of them (Not on them).  Once you're done just push it back up and lock in place with a key, remote or padlock, depending which bollard you choose.

Stickers are available to let people know whose space it is!

These bollards are highly recommended for reserved parking spaces. Installing parking protection bollards on your premises prevents unauthorised access to the space. Share the padlock’s code or duplicate keys to authorised people. These bollards create impassable deterrence for other vehicles.

eSafety Supplies offers a wide range of parking protection essentials to secure your vehicle’s private slot. Made with heavy duty materials and designed for long term use.

eSafety Supplies is your one-stop shop for all your bollard needs, and the best part is we offer delivery for all of our bollards to Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Adelaide, Gold Coast (QLD), Brisbane, Canberra, and every city within Australia. Place your order with us today for the best bollards on the market, only at eSafety Supplies.

We have the largest bollard range available in Australia. Suitable for concrete and asphalt surfaces. Got any questions? Get in touch with one of our friendly staff on 1300 291 700 or email us at [email protected].