Inground Bollards provide an enhanced level of assurance and safety.

Inground bollards, often referred to as surface mount bollards, are typically found in front of warehouses, stores, and ATMs, serving as a robust defence against accidental vehicle collisions. Crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, our bollards prioritise durability and stability, as they are designed to be embedded into concrete. Bollards are instrumental in safeguarding, human traffic, building assets, private property, and workplace equipment.

Our extensive range offers various heights, ranging from 90mm to our popular 140mm bollard, and extending up to 220mm. As a general rule, the larger the bollard’s diameter, the greater its capacity to withstand impacts. We maintain stock of both galvanised steel and yellow-painted bollards, featuring vibrant red tops, bevelled tops, along with a collection of handy bollard accessories, such as stickers.

Bollards provide an enhanced level of assurance and safety, rendering them invaluable for locations such as loading docks, carparks, driveways, and beyond. Strategically placed, they serve as visual markers, effectively directing traffic flow and delineating boundaries. With a variety of bollard types at your disposal, each one is purpose-built to fulfil distinct roles within your traffic management strategy. We can assist you in choosing the best one for your application.

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Bollard Installation Guide

With the most extensive range of safety products in Australia, our solutions are suitable for both concrete and asphalt surfaces, providing comprehensive security for a wide array of applications. In terms of installation, this might need a certain degree of expertise.


How do I install inground bollards?

When it comes to installation, it’s essential to note that this process often requires a specific level of expertise.

The installation of inground bollards involves a precise sequence, starting with core drilling, followed by the insertion of the bollard until it reaches the base. Then, a concrete mix is poured around the bollard’s perimeter. This meticulous method ensures an exceptionally secure anchoring, making these bollards a perfect choice for safeguarding areas such as school grounds, playgrounds, and glass-walled establishments.

Furthermore, these versatile products play a crucial role in enhancing pedestrian walkway safety and establishing protective barriers between buildings and driveways.

Do you have a wide selection of inground bollards?

At eSafety Supplies, our inground bollards are available in highly visible colours like safety yellow and galvanised stainless steel (silver). Heights range from 90mm to 220mm high.

What if I don’t know which one will suit my needs?

If you’re unsure which type of surface-mounted bollard you need, you can always contact our team. We are always delighted to help you. Got any questions? Get in touch with one of our friendly staff on 1300 291 700 or email us at [email protected].

What are inground bollards?

Inground bollards are bollards that are mounted and embedded into the ground. This is generally to asphalt or concrete. They are used as a guard and defence against accidental vehicle collisions.

Where are inground bollards used?

Inground bollards are commonly used in areas of high traffic to safeguard areas from vehicles. This includes in front of shop entrances, warehouses and around ATM’s.

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