Flexible bollards prevent vehicular access while facilitating safe passage for pedestrians.

Bollards help to control traffic movement, set clear boundaries between parking spaces, and help drivers keep away from hazards or other items cars might bump into. They serve as a visible stop for drivers, minimising damages by extending itself if it gets bumped.

We specialise in a wide range of plastic, metal and galvanised steel flexible bollards suitable for a range of applications. These bollards come in an extensive size range, from 90mm to 800mm, and with a range of finishes. The options include knockdown and surface mount varieties, crafted from both durable plastic and galvanised steel.

Flexible bollards are ideal for high traffic areas where drivers have a higher chance of bumping into something, like in parking areas, curb lines, footpaths and traffic islands. Additionally, bollards are can be used in designating cycling lanes, safeguarding cyclists, and providing controlled access in transport terminals such as airports, seaports, and railway stations. Their adaptability makes them a versatile safety solution.

We make our flexible bollards with premium quality materials for durability. Designed for long term use. Also perfect for restricting vehicle access while allowing pedestrians to pass through.

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1. How to install a flexible bollard post?

Installing a fixed flexible bollard is not as tough as it may appear initially. When installing them, you should consider the type of bollard you want, the size of the hole you will need to dig, and the location of your property.

Always refer to the specific manufacturer’s instructions or guidelines provided with the flexible bollard post for the most accurate and suitable installation process.

2. Are your bollards weatherproof?

Yes, our bollards are made from durable materials that are made for all weather conditions. They are coated with premium weatherproof coatings. It is made to withstand the threat of rust and corrosion, providing safety in all climates.

3. What are flexible bollards?

Flexible bollards are resilient traffic safety posts designed to yield upon impact, minimising damage to vehicles and the bollards themselves. They offer visible guidance and protection in various traffic management settings due to their ability to flex and return to their original position.

4. Where are flexible bollards used?

Flexible bollards are suitable for high-traffic areas, including parking areas, footpaths and traffic islands. It is also often used to safeguard pedestrians in busy situations, including transport terminals and cycling lanes.

5. Can flexible bollards be painted a different colour?

If you want a bollard a different colour, we recommend purchasing another bollard. Bright to draw attention, we offer yellow fixed bollards and orange temporary bollards. We also offer bollards in various sizes, from 90mm to 800mm.

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