Carpark Protection

Carpark protection products are essential to ensuring the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians within carparks.

There are a variety of car park protection products available on the market, including wheel stops, bollards, pedestrian holding rails, convex mirrors, and more. Each product serves a specific purpose and can help to prevent accidents and damage within car parks.

Wheel stops are an effective way to prevent vehicles from accidentally hitting walls or other vehicles. They are typically made from rubber or concrete and are placed at the end of parking spaces. Bollards are another popular car park protection product.

Bollards can be used to protect buildings, walkways, and other structures from damage caused by vehicles. They can also be used to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas within car parks.

Pedestrian holding rails are another important car park protection product. They are typically installed along walkways and other pedestrian areas within car parks. Pedestrian holding rails help to guide pedestrians safely through the car park and prevent them from accidentally walking into areas where vehicles are driving.

Convex mirrors can also assist in car park protection, they are typically installed in corners or other blind spots within car parks to help increase visibility and reduce the risk of accidents within car parks.

Other car park protection products include speed humps, traffic cones, and warning signs. Speed humps are designed to slow down vehicles within car parks, while traffic cones and warning signs help to direct traffic and alert drivers to potential hazards.

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Carpark Protection



Bollards have been applicable for centuries to control the flow of traffic and protect pedestrians. In the past, they used stone or metal to make the  bollards. Their primary function was to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas. Today, they come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, concrete, and plastic, and they also serve a variety of purposes.


Bunding is simply defined as a method of containing spills and leaks from stored or used liquids in the workplace. These liquids are often chemicals that are hazardous or harmful in nature. They may be corrosive, toxic, or flammable liquids. If your workplace carries any of these liquids, you require bunding of some sort installed or accessible to your employees.

Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops are also referred to as kerb stops, parking blocks, or car park stoppers. These help drivers park their cars carefully and efficiently. By using these in a parking lot, you can decrease the possibility of vehicles intruding onto the footpath. As a result, vehicles may avoid damage by gutters and raised pathways and pedestrians can securely cross streets without worrying about moving vehicles.

Speed Humps

Speed humps are devices that help motorists drive at a safe speed. Since excessive speed is one of the most common reasons for vehicle accidents and clashes. Especially in areas where both pedestrians and motorists share space, placing a speed humps sign on roads is a great way to control speed by forcing drivers to slow down before passing a speed calmer

Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors provided by eSafety Supplies are great for Indoor & Outdoor use. If you have any blind corner inside or outside your building, install a convex mirror. Convex mirrors provide drivers with a broader vision so you know what’s around the corner.

Pedestrian Holding Rails

Pedestrian Holding Rails are useful at walkways and crossings by pedestrians and cyclists to hold onto or lean against while they wait for the traffic conditions to change. Rails are hot dip galvanised prior to a yellow powder coating and come complete with Class 2 Red and White reflective bands.

Line Marking Equipment

Line marking equipment is useful to create clear and visible markings on surfaces such as roads, parking lots, athletic fields, and industrial facilities. These markings can indicate traffic lanes, parking spaces, safety zones, and other designated areas.

Height Protection

Height protection for car park uses height clearance bar, also known as a low clearance bar. It is a physical barrier installed in areas with low overhead clearance, such as car parks or drive-throughs. As a result it prevents vehicles above a certain height from entering and potentially causing damage.