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Water/Foam Fire Extinguishers

Water and Foam extinguishers are a low-cost effective method to combat class B fires. They are effective by reducing the temperature of the burning fuel so it is below the ignition point. The foam fire extinguisher is cost-effective as compared to the dry chemical extinguisher. They are ideal for fire caused due to petrol or other flammable liquids.

A foam Fire extinguisher forms a layer of foam over the surface and seals it. Thus, it reduces the chances of re-ignition and avoids further damage. Water and foam extinguishers are ideal for fire risk-prone areas such as workshops, garages, industrial units etc. Our foam fire extinguisher is available in 9L.

You can now knock down fire with minimal efforts and utmost precision with water and foam fire extinguisher from eSafety Supplies. Order now!

They can be used also be used for class A fires which would include wood, plastic, textiles and paper. See our range below.