Our cable protectors provided by eSafety Supplies is a great asset to secure running cables in situations where pedestrians, cars, and cablings need to share the same place.

Running an event with electrical wires? Our channel protectors are the perfect solution to keep everyone safe. Do you have a temporary construction job? Our cable protectors will do the job to keep your equipment safe from damage. Can be used for even festivals, work sites, conference rooms, offices and many more places.

Use indoor or outdoor to eliminate trip hazards. Grab a cable protector today from eSafety Supplies. We’ve got you covered with our 1 channel protectors2 channel cable protectors, 3 channel cable protectors & 5 channel cable protectors.

Explore Cable Protectors Products Explore Cable Protectors Products

eSafety Supplies is your one stop shop for all your cable protectors needs and the best part is we offer delivery for all our channel protectors to Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Adelaide, Gold Coast (QLD), Brisbane, Canberra and every city within Australia. Place your order with us today, for the best cable protector only at eSafety Supplies.