eSafety Supplies offer a wide range carpark stencils which are premade and in stock which makes ordering that much quicker ! All our stencils come in a variety of sizes and thickness’s to suit any application.

Our stencils are an effective solution for businesses looking to create a more organized and efficient parking lot. These stencils come in various sizes and designs to indicate parking bays, loading zones, and other areas of the carpark. Since it’s made from durable materials, it withstands harsh weather conditions and frequent use.

Car park stencils are typically used in conjunction with spray paint or marking chalk. As a result, it creates clear and long-lasting markings on the car park surface. It is typically easy for a single person to use and operate.

Overall, line marking equipments like car park stencils are an essential safety feature that can create clear and visible markings on the surface of the car park, enhance safety, and improve traffic flow. They are a cost-effective solution to ensure the safety and accessibility of car parks and other areas with heavy vehicle traffic.

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1. What are car park stencils?

Car park stencils are used to create clear and long-lasting markings on the car park surface. They are used to create a more organised and efficient parking lot.

2. How are stencils used?

Car park stencils are applied by placing the stencil on the pavement or surface and then applying paint or a similar marking material over the stencil. The choice of paint depends on the surface type; commonly, traffic or pavement marking paint is used for durability and visibility.

3. What car park stencils do you sell?

We sell an A-Z letter stencil set and a 0- 9 number stencil set.