Corrosion-resistant and weatherproof Stainless Steel Bollards

Our Stainless Steel Bollards are built to last, made from resilient 316 marine-grade stainless steel. These bollards are crafted by mechanically rolling the steel into a tube and then welding a top cap and two spigots. The result is a sleek brushed satin finish ideal for any public space.

These safety bollards offer both protection and style for your workplace or property. They are corrosion-resistant and weatherproof, making them suitable for any environment. These versatile bollards complement various architectural styles and landscapes, offering enhanced durability compared to standard bollards.

Perfect for controlling vehicle access while allowing pedestrian passage, our security bollards act as robust barriers, safeguarding your property. They are particularly well-suited for areas with a mix of foot traffic and vehicle use, such as loading docks, carparks, and driveways.

On the other hand, our stainless steel removable bollards are installed in below-ground sleeves with locking caps, available in various sizes. They can be easily lifted and removed to provide access to otherwise blocked areas. These bollards feature an embedment sleeve for secure placement in the pavement and convenient release when needed.

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1. How to maintain and care for stainless steel bollards?

316 stainless steel is extremely durable with anti-corrosion properties.

Proper care and maintenance will ensure optimal performance over a long service life. Exposure to saline, chlorides, abrasive chemicals, or carbon steel will diminish stainless steel anti-corrosion properties and increase the risk of damage. Exercise caution when handling stainless steel products.

Meanwhile, when you use stainless steel fixed bollard, you may need fittings to install completely, please remember do not use carbon steel or galvanized fasteners to install stainless steel products. Use only stainless steel components and tools to prevent contamination.

Reminder: Do not clean stainless steel in direct sunlight or excessive temperatures. Use clean gloves when handling stainless steel products.

2. How to install a stainless steel bollard post?

Installing a stainless steel bollard is not as tough as it may appear initially. When installing them, you should consider the type of bollard you want, the size of the hole you will need to dig, and the location of your property.

Always refer to the specific manufacturer’s instructions or guidelines provided with the stainless steel bollard post for the most accurate and suitable installation process.

3. Are your removable bollards weatherproof?

Yes, our stainless steel bollards are made to last. They are corrosion-resistant and weatherproof, allowing them to withstand all climate situations.

4.What are the types of stainless steel bollards offered?

eSafety Supplies offers a range of stainless steel bollards. This includes various styles and sizes. You can get stainless steel bollards from 90 mm to 140 mm. We also offer surface-mounted bollards, bevelled top bollards, intercom card reader bollards and removable bollards.

eSafety Supplies offers a wide range of stainless steel bollards for sale – removable, inground, and surface mount that are perfect for different uses. We offer delivery for all of our products to Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Adelaide, Gold Coast (QLD), Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne and every city within Australia. Place your order with us today for the best bollards on the market, only at eSafety Supplies!

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