Our guardrails have been the chosen solution for Bunnings, DHL, the Toll Group.

Our Guardrail systems are a versatile and a crucial solution applicable across a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from car parks to warehouses and all kinds of industrial environments. It serves as a pivotal component in upholding the occupational health and safety standards within workplaces. One of its primary functions is to facilitate safe pedestrian passage while simultaneously safeguarding plant machinery and equipment, as well as controlling access within these spaces.

The design of the w-beam guardrail is particularly noteworthy, as it’s engineered to efficiently absorb the impact energy generated by vehicular collisions, thereby confining the vehicle and minimising potential damage. Beyond this fundamental role, our guardrails offer an innovative combination of features, merging handrailing and fall protection measures, ensuring the safety of pedestrians navigating the area. Our guardrail systems come with the option of powder-coated finishes for weather-proofing and to amplify visibility.

Notably, our guardrails have been the chosen solution for prominent organisations such as Bunnings, DHL, the Toll Group, and various other key players within the logistics and transport sector. These industry leaders have found our guardrail systems to be instrumental in securing and optimising their operations, exemplifying the effectiveness and reliability.

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What are guard rails and their features?

Guard rails are safety barriers or railings typically installed along elevated surfaces, roadways, walkways, and platforms to prevent accidental falls, protect people, and guide or redirect traffic. Features include:

  • Full-scale crash tested.
  • Crash tested on the perimeter edge of a 150mm thick, elevated concrete slab.
  • Compliant to the 30kN vehicle impact load (Type F) described in AS/NZS 1170.1, Clause 3.8.
  • Containment of a 1500kg passenger car, impacting 0.5m above floor level, travelling at 15km/h.
  • Fully modular system.
  • Can be configured with integrated pedestrian fall protection.
  • Guard rail end protector is also available

Why are guard rails necessary?

Guard rails are crucial for safety and accident prevention. They provide a physical barrier to keep people and vehicles from accidentally falling off edges or colliding with potentially hazardous areas.

What options do your guard rails come in?

At eSafety Supplies, we offer W Beams in two variations – Galvanised and Safety Yellow. We also have end protectors, bolts and posts to go with the guard rail.

Another question you may be asking is, should I get the galvanised or safety yellow rail?

The colour of the rail you purchase will depend on the application and purpose.

Galvanised rails are made from steel that has been coated with a layer of zinc to help protect it from corrosion.

Safety yellow provides high visibility and helps to alert drivers to the presence of the barrier.